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Female Classics is for the woman who loves being a woman and enjoys the finer things in life. This collection is a sweet indulgence, like wearing a pearl necklace on a Tuesday. A good representation of this collection is Sensual Tuberose by Florentine Bois 1920. A fragrance that defines the feeling of a guilty pleasure that you just can’t resist. Popular notes: vanilla, magnolia and tea.

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Scents from this collection:

Rose Silence - Miller Harris

Isola delle Rose, Venice 9.45pm: A luxurious getaway for two. Just you, surrounded by the best that the city has to offer. All at once, pouring over you.


Iris de Nuit - Heeley Parfums

Kensington 4.00pm: Spot on outfit. Straight ahead, straight up. You just got it and everyone around you knows it.


Blomma Cult - Room 1015

Bar San Calisto, Rome 10.37pm: Bold colors. The body as a weapon. Words are superfluous.


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