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A scent for every mood

A scent for every mood

A scent for every mood

A scent for every mood

A scent for every mood

A scent for every mood

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The perfume brands we represent are carefully selected for their visionary ways of celebrating scents. Buy as full bottles or as a smart 8 ml bottle.

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Maya Njie

Coconut, Sandalwood, Pineapple


Grapefruit, Vetiver, Black tea

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This year we've decided to highlight the pleasures of scents with gifts that evoke emotions, define moments and bring colour to all of our lives. Let all your beloveds discover the gift of scent this holiday season. Put only the very best-smelling treats under the tree.

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The scent guide is for anyone who needs a helping hand when it comes to choosing scents or gifts, for themselves or for a loved one. Our scent are handpicked from the world’s finest perfume houses and available as full bottle, 8 ml or as subscription.

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