Sniph is a discovery service for perfumes, where you get to know exclusive niche scents from perfume houses with passionate noses. All perfumes are 100% authentic and chosen by our scent experts.

Our promise

Scent is a sense loaded with emotion and expectation for all of us, which also means that a scent creates a unique experience for each individual. As scent advisors, it is a privilege to pick out scents by hand for our community. We always strive towards celebrating the individual strengths of each and every one of our customers. Even if the expectations are already high, we never settle for anything less than a unique pick that suits your individual needs.

Love at first sniph

When Sniph’s founders, Lisa Kjellqvist and Tara Derakshan, met for the first time they instantly found each other in their mutual fascination for scent and perfumes. The belief that scent can change and enhance all moments in life became their common philosophy, which still defines Sniph today. In 2016, Sniph was born - already then as a subscription service for discovering perfumes. Sniph stood out quickly in the perfume industry with its unique concept which has always been to discover scents from carefully curated perfume houses. Our everlasting vision is to offer exclusive authentic perfumes and make sure these are available for all, while also spreading knowledge about scent and perfume. Lisa and Tara have since the start continued to bring in more scents from passionate noses in perfume houses all over the world, to offer our customers a personal scent journey that caters to your taste and your needs.

Create a scent wardrobe

Only owning one signature scent is an outdated idea that stops you from discovering new favourites within the world of scent. Instead, we believe in the scent wardrobe where you can dress yourself in different perfumes depending on the occasion. You should never have to commit to a full bottle of perfume only to realise you don’t like it as much as you thought, which is why we send you one clever 8 ml bottle each month in our subscription service. This will last you for one month, given that you spray four sprays a day. If you then find a favourite that you can’t be without, you can always buy more of this perfume in our shop, either as an 8 ml bottle or as a full bottle.

Scent is a natural component in defining moments, memories or people – but also a way to keep growing and evolving. With Sniph, you get to join us in our love for scents and the way they affect us. Our goal is clear: to bring you on a scent journey enabling you to discover new sides of yourself.

Your personal scent expert

Sniph is a discovery service for perfumes, where you get to discover exclusive niche scents from perfume houses with passionate noses. Whether you are interested in our subscription service or our full bottles, Sniph is your personal scent expert that guides you on your scent journey. In our collection, you will only find perfumes from carefully selected brands who stand out due to their genuine interest for scent and their sterling work with authentic scents. You can always consult our scent experts if you have any questions regarding perfume, subscription or our philosophy. Our scent experts Anya and Lisa are constantly working to guide our customers on their personal scent journeys, and the entire collection is handpicked by them to ensure that you always get a unique scent experience. We carefully choose everything that is sent out in our subscription and it is of great importance to us that we only offer the very best when it comes to scent. That’s why we also constantly hone our scent collection, to make sure we are always up to date with the latest within the perfume industry. The perfumes we offer are guaranteed to keep a high standard and we are immensely proud of the perfume houses in our shop. Our passion for scent takes us all over the world!

Meet us where you are

When e-mailing, calling or chatting with us, you are always greeted by one of our passionate coworkers who collaborate with our scent experts, Anya and Lisa. We guide you on your scent journey, and personalize it to your preferences, wishes and needs. We aim to reply to you as quickly as possible with personalized recommendations and solutions. You are also welcome to visit us at our scent bar, located at Igeldammsgatan 22 in Stockholm, where you can try different scents and get unique recommendations regarding our collection. Our ambition is to always offer the best experience at Sniph, no matter what your scent journey looks like!

Do you have any questions or thoughts? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also chat with us, or visit us at Igeldammsgatan 22 in Stockholm.


Ready for your scent journey? When subscribing to Sniph you receive a monthly scent from one of the world’s top perfume houses, carefully curated for you. Choose your collection and receive your first perfume.

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