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  • Pick your collection. There are 6 collections to choose from but don't worry, our smart guide will help you pick.
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  • Each scent journey is unique. That is why you can always pick your own perfume, change collections or pause any time you want. No string attached.
Perfume is complicated, we make it simple

Finding to right perfume can be complicated, so we made it simple and fun. Never again buy a bottle that sits unused on your bathroom shelf. With us you get exquisite perfumes in a smaller format (8 ml) so that you can try before you buy the full size. Subscribe to perfume and let us help you find the one, again and again.

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Find the one, again and again

We have six collections to choose between, based on six different scent personalities. Don’t know which one you should pick? Don’t worry, our smart guide will point you in the right direction. You can change your collection at any time during your scent journey with us.

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With Sniph you get authentic scents from exclusive perfume brands. Our experts try hundreds of scents every year to handpick the very best for you.
Become your own scent expert

Top or base note? Light or complex? We skip all the complicated perfume talk and instead make it easy and fun for you to discover new perfumes. We help you become your own scent expert, because no one knows your nose like you.

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We are proud of being Sweden’s most loved scent service, acknowledged and mentioned in international media.

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