Avant-Garde is for anyone who doesn’t want to be defined by specific rules or boundaries.

This collection will keep those around you on their toes because of your unique ways of showing your true colors. A previous choice for this collection has been the Gamine EdP from the brand with the same name, which sparks your senses with a mingle of scents. Popular notes include musk, sandalwood and oud.

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Previous picks:

Coccobello - Heeley Paris

Le Perchoir, Paris 5.24pm: On time too many. Maybe. Expensive bikinis and smooth looks. Perfectly hard to get and lovely all the same.


Cement Rose - Gamine

Manhattan, New York 8.27pm: Scattered rose petals on a cold pavement. Everyone notices. So many questions, so few answers.


Etui Noir - Miller Harris

Annabel's, London 3:45am: Perfect timing, of course. And the outfit? Better than your dreams. "Nice shoes—shall we go?


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