L'Atelier Parfum

CREATIVITY, EMOTIONS, IMPERTINENCE. At L'Atelier Parfum, these are the watchwords of how they create, communicate, inspire and present themselves. To capture you in your uniqueness, they urge their perfumers to forgo all constraints within the creative process. Creative and daring, they re-write the rules of the game, to freely invent unexpected creations. Perfumes that sustain - not only in terms of lasting power and silage but also their formulas; which are animal and eco-friendly. Embark on an adventure into the blooming world of Coeur de Pétales, or discover a new side of yourself with the popular Burning for Oud. L'Atelier Parfum simply has that little something extra, that Je ne sais quoi ('I don't know what') that makes all the difference.