Scents for summer occasions

Published June 30, 2023

Summer – our favorite time of the year! We allow ourselves to enjoy, slow down and prioritize spending time with our loved ones. Not least, we create memories – in photo albums on our phones, inside ourselves, and through scent!

What does your summer smell like? Regardless of what experiences it offers, we at Sniph want to be part of your journey to new scent memories. Our experts have closed their eyes and dreamed themselves away to the highlights of summer. Join us on a journey through classic summer activities – and how they can smell even better.

A day at the beach.

The waves wash over your feet. The sand is smooth between your toes. You wiggle them a little and see how they disappear further down. A cooling breeze sweeps over your sun-warm face. In your hand, you feel the gentle weight of some pretty seashells you found by the water's edge. Your gaze rests on the horizon. Blue as far as the eye can see.

A lunch in the shade.

A simple lunch put out in the shade of a blooming tree. The weather-worn bench has been outside for a long time and is sun-bleached and smooth against your bare legs. An entire day without any set plans. Just as it should be this time of year. You raise a glass to your lips. The ice in it tinkles softly. There's a rustle in the treetops. A lone bumblebee buzzes sleepily by. It lingers a while by the flowers in the vase on the table before heading off again. Up and away.

A dip into blue waters.

Some walk into the water – they let it slowly reach over their bodies until they are ready to indulge completely. Others are quick – they run, jump, and let the water become a sudden embrace. Cold, lukewarm, or salty: the one thing you know for sure is that you won't regret it. The feeling of the water around you is calming and familiar.

An evening by the barbecue.

The smoke rises from smoldering coals. Everyone has their technique. We marinate, flip, and wait. Self-confident or insecure – there is room for everyone to gather around the barbecue. And then we gather again – around the table or on picnic blankets. We pass plates between us. Share laughs, stories, and above all, good company.


Cardamom, Ambroxan, Leather