A celebration of women

Published September 2, 2020

As a female founded business, Sniph has a soft spot for perfume brands that celebrate different facets of femininity. Juliette Has a Gun, the latest addition to our perfume family, was created from the vision to challenge what defines a woman. We are convinced you will love Juliette as much as we already do, but if you still need a little convincing you can read the 10 reasons why you should get to know this modern perfume house.

1. Juliette

The brand name is inspired by the Shakespearean heroine and her complex personality. According to the brand’s creator, the Shakespearean Juliette wasn’t only a romantic but also mutinous, vengeful, androgynous, and cavalier. We like this fresh take on the timeless classic, do you?

2. The gun

The gun in the name symbolises the female liberation and power. If you take a closer look at the bottle design, you will see a small gun as a part of the pattern.

3. Feminism

It’s safe to say that Juliette Has a Gun is a brand celebrating women. Even though the later releases are more minimalistic and gender-neutral most of their scents have an ultra-feminine side. Always remember to wear the scents that make you the person you want to be though.

4. Romano Ricci

The nose behind most of the perfumes is the brand creator himself, Romano Ricci, who happens to be the grandchild of famous perfume creator Robert Ricci. The talent of scents seems to run in the family...

5. Nina Ricci

Speaking of family ties, Romano Ricci also happens to be a great-grandson of the legendary fashion designer Nina Ricci. Seems like this family really got the creative gene.

6. Francis Kurkdjian

Another big profile related to Juliette’s world is the master perfume nose and creator of blockbuster Baccarat Rouge, who has worked with Romano on some of Juliette’s hits as well such as the dark and mysterious scent Lady Vengeance.

7. Moscow Mule

Another scent from this brand’s collection is the refreshing Moscow Mule, whose name was inspired by the popular cocktail based on vodka, ginger beer and lime. This has ended up being one of the brand’s best-selling scents, try it and see for yourself!

8. Burning man

What does a futuristic music and art festival have in common with perfumes? The scent Vanilla Vibes will give you the answer. Inspired by the energy and aesthetic of festival Burning Man, this perfume celebrates adventure and freedom. Sweet, salty and as energetic as a thousand people dancing in a hot desert.

9. Not a perfume

A perfume that doesn’t smell like perfume? Yes, it actually exists. One of the most popular scents from Juliette Has a Gun has only one perfume note in its formula. The result is minimalistic, elegant, pure. Not a Perfume is something even better.

10. Perfection is boring

This is Juliette Has a Gun’s motto and brand philosophy. We couldn’t agree more.

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