A scent journey through Sweden

Published July 23, 2021

While many of us might be dreaming about Italy, France or Spain, we want to highlight the beauty of our own northern country in the summertime.

There’s something so special about seeing a hot air balloon in the pink sky, hearing the waves underneath the dock and experiencing those never ending nights where the sun barely sets at all. From the salty splashes on the west coast to the archipelago of the east. From the golden fields of Skåne to the mountain tops of Lapland. Is there anything better than experiencing summer in Sweden? Read more about our favourite Swedish spots and discover them through the enchanting world of scents.


To some, Gotland is the go-to place of the summer but for the ones who have yet to discover this pearl floating in the Baltic we can only say - Go! It’s no wonder why Gotland is often compared to our favourite places around the Mediterranean. The beautiful landscape combined with the vast sea and the rich nature makes this a bucket list-worthy destination.

The scent of Gotland

Are you craving that glittery white beach and a cool drink in your hand? Save your plane ticket and hop on the boat to the idyllic island of Sandhamn, just outside of Stockholm. If you take a short walk through the blueberry bushes you’ll arrive at Trouville - a true paradise beach for the sun-loving surfer.

The scent of Sandhamn

Even though we don’t play favourites when it comes to the many beautiful destinations of Skåne, we do have a special place in our hearts for Mölle. The steep roads that lead down to the harbour, the cute houses with their hollyhocks and of course - the lovely ceramicist. Enjoy a timeless craft on the outermost part of the Kullaberg peninsula (and don’t forget to try their pizza).

The scent of Mölle
The scent of the High Coast

Okay, so this might not be one single destination but within the area of the High coast of Sweden you will find everything from deep forests to steep coastal lines with astounding views. Choose between hiking, climbing, biking or just taking it all in. Explore a world heritage and get a glimpse of the fascinating history of Sweden’s nature.

The scent of the High Coast
The Icehotel

In the northernmost part of Sweden you will find the famous Ice Hotel, most known for its spectacular hotel rooms made out of ice that are available during the winter. But did you know this hotel offers a beautiful summer destination too? Go salmon-fishing, paddle with SUP boards or participate in the hotel’s own sauna ritual for a northern summer you won’t forget.

The scent of the Icehotel