5 reasons why you need room scents in your life

Published November 28, 2020

If you’re looking for an elegant and useful gift to add a little extra touch to the upcoming holiday season, our exclusive Presence Collection is here to serve your needs. Room scents in the form of sprays and candles are simply must-haves this time of year, and here is why.

1.Room scents can help you sleep better…

… and have sweeter dreams for sure, in every sense possible. Co-created with the neuroscientist, our very own room mist Rubicon is designed to set you into a relaxed, romantic and playful mood. The sensual scent of grey amber is combined with the tempting sweetness of the red apple. Impossible to resist. Expert tips: use Sniph’s room mist Rubicon as a pillow spray. Spray it generously on your pillows and bedsheets 20 minutes before going to bed and enjoy the extra-sweet night.

2. Room scents can improve your productivity

If you have a hard time focusing on your work tasks, give the ancient science of aromatherapy a chance. The scents of some essential oils are proven to increase your awareness and boost your energy. And Sniph’s very own room spray Litsea is packed with these energising ingredients, including the lemon verbena (with the scent more potent than the real lemons!) and rosemary. A powerful pick-me-up to improve your energy and creativity. Expert tips: spray Litsea on your working desk and enjoy the energising scent, vaporising slowly, for hours.

3. Use room scents to feel more relaxed and grounded

Our memory “anchors” certain scents that can change our mood and even trigger physical reactions. For example, the scents of sandalwood and resins (especially, elemi and incense) are working magically to cure the stress and relax your mind. Maybe, that’s the reason (or the logical consequence?) why you might find these fragrances in most of the temples around the world. Different religions, shared wisdom. What does our room scent Ukiyo have to do with it? Well, it’s a perfect aroma of sandalwood and elemi, that smells the closest to the Buddhist temple you can find. Balancing and calming. Expert tips: use the colourless room spray on your curtains or even leather furniture to create a calming ambiance.

4. You can take them with you everywhere

Even while traveling by plane. The smart 50 ml bottle packed with the lasting aroma makes the room sprays from Presence Collection easy to carry around and suitable for any purse. So don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the nice scent whenever you need it.

5. They simply smell great

Which scent will suit your mood the best? Try all 3 today and see. Because we know for sure: for every mood there is a scent to make it better.

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