Corps Volatils: Laboratory flowers

Published January 13, 2021

12 synthetic and 12 natural compositions. High quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. The newest brand on our perfume shelves is the refined Corps Volatils, creating unique scents that combine future with nature. The scents are each based on a specific scent note, exploring multifaceted interpretations of otherwise well-known scents. Using science to provoke emotions, they show us that there is beauty to be found in the most raw natural ingredients as well as purely synthetic chemical reactions.

“Thanks to the most ambitious technology it has been possible to redesign classic ingredients and invent what nature could not offer”

Using new extraction methods, the noses behind Corps Volatils have been able to focus on certain traits of an ingredient, erasing some unwanted characteristics to create a tailor-made version of it. The idea is that the wearer can either wear the different compositions as they are, to discover hypernatural versions of their favourite scents, or combine the different compositions to personalize their own perfumes.

From sourcing to production and packaging, every step of the way is carefully curated to suit a more conscious customer. The refined flasks that contain the perfume compositions are made from recyclable materials and protect the ingredients from light to ensure a long-lasting scent. The fragrances are all handcrafted in France, and the ingredients used are sourced or made locally. Even their website is a work of art, perfectly balancing between futuristic and thoughtfully classic.

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Musk, Cashmeran, Freshly cut grass



Optico Profumo

Pencil, Steam, Fresh air