Explore layering!

Published January 5, 2024

What happens when you combine your most floral scent with your most leathery? Your trustworthy favorite with your newest find? Create opportunities to be playful and allow yourself to discover new sides of your favorite fragrances with the help of layering!

Layering has a rich history, and the technique has been around for hundreds of years: a constantly relevant way to discover and rediscover a scent wardrobe! Today, we see the phenomenon take more and more space in the perfume world – let layering be the perfect way to create your own stories, experiment, and find new scents.

Want some inspiration?
On this fragrance wheel, you will find Sniph’s fragrance categories. Try combining scents opposite or scents next to each other on the wheel, and see what happens.

Layering has no rules – it’s all about experimenting and trying your way to your own unique scent experiences. Have fun!

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