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Published June 16, 2022

If you’re still looking for that perfect perfume to wear to this summer’s wedding festivities we say – look no further. With our guide you’ll find the one for you in no time, no matter if you’re walking down the aisle, featuring in the bridal party or simply toasting to the happy couple. Our scent experts have chosen five romantic scents you can’t say anything but “I do” to. Which will be your perfect match?

Rima XI - Carner Barcelona

If you’re looking for something to calm your nerves on the big day, we recommend Rima XI from Carner Barcelona with scent note jasmine. With its fragrant, heady scent this jasmine bouquet will wrap itself around your shoulders like a warm blanket to spread calm and positivity. Jasmine also symbolizes love, sensuality and beauty.

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Haute Provence - Parle Moi de Parfum

For a wedding day with a real sense of elegance and luxury there is no better choice than the incredible lavender in the perfume Haute Provence by Parle Moi de Parfum. The colour purple is also associated with stillness, serenity and purity as well as the crown chakra, your physical energy center connected to a higher purpose and spirituality.

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Elsa in Alésia - Made in Pigalle

For the one who doesn’t want to risk it we recommend choosing a perfume with scent note peony which symbolizes happiness, prosperity and good fortune. With perfume Elsa in Alésia from Made in Pigalle you will find just this, to ensure a happy marriage (and a wedding day without rain drops).

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Nymphessence - Roos & Roos

When freesia flowers are given it symbolizes trust which makes it the perfect choice both for your wedding bouquet as well as your wedding perfume. Nymphessence from Roos & Roos is filled with this white flower together with mandarin and magnolia which might also make it perfect as a gift for your maid of honour?

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