Host the perfect Easter dinner

Published April 13, 2022

Are you hosting an Easter dinner? Arrange something unexpected to inspire your guests and give them a scented Easter they’ll never forget. And the best part – you probably already have everything you need at home (if you don’t you can shop for it at the bottom of this post).

All you’ll need is: perfumes, pens, paper, napkins

1. Preparations

Pick out the perfumes you want to use during your scent session and look them up at Here you can find the perfumes’ three top scent notes, complexity and scent group. You can choose which categories you want your guests to guess at!

2. Create your scent session

Create a form which your guests can fill out during the scent session. For example, you might want a row for each perfume and columns for scent notes, complexity and scent group. If you want to give your guests a few hints you can list which complexities and scent groups they can choose from.

3. Show off your expertise

When all guests have gotten their forms, pens and papers (and something to snack on) all there’s left to do is to begin! SPray the perfumes on scent sticks (or napkins), let your guests make their guesses and go through their answers - here’s your chance to shine!


We want you to be able to treat your guests with an exclusive offer as a thank you for participating in your scent session! Gift them 50% off their first month with Sniph with code “HAPPYEASTER50” and let them explore their own scent journeys.

Need inspiration?

Shop the scents for your private scent session and show off with your expertise

Rook Perfumes

Pine Needles, Patchouli, Cedar