How to store your perfumes?

Published June 20, 2020

We are all in love with very Instagrammable perfume shelfies of beautiful bottles reflecting the sun, perfumes as an art exhibition on a windowsill..and what about a relaxing steamy bathroom full of candles? Candy for the eyes…and a torture for our beloved perfumes. Read below our 5 easy tips on how to store your perfumes in the right way so they can serve you for many months to come instead of just looking pretty here and there.

1. No sun = a lot of fun!

Rule number 1! Always keep your perfumes away from direct sun. Yes, they create beautiful reflections on the walls but trust us - it will preserve the perfumes you love much longer. Exposing your perfumes to the sunlight may not only affect the scent but overtime - their appearance as well. In general, the darker the place - the better.

2. “It’s getting hot in here..”

…so take out all your bottles! Never keep your perfumes handy in the kitchen or bathroom. Perfumes are extremely sensitive to any temperature changes. According to Francis Kurkdjian, award winning perfumer, sudden changes of temperature from hot to cold can “set off unexpected chemical reactions within the natural ingredients, and therefore age the perfume faster.” Makes sense.

3. A big no no for the bathroom!

Let us guess, do you keep your perfumes in the bathroom for a quick spritz after the shower? Unfortunately, this is the worst place possible.. Why? Unless you are a fan of cold showers only, the steam from hot relaxing baths, together with high temperature can spoil the smell of your perfume.

4. Your perfume deserve a luxurious home!

If we take such good care of our clothes, hanging them carefully inside the closet, why not try the same with your perfume collection? Imagine your own scent wardrobe inside a wardrobe! When it comes to smaller bottles, we recommend to use Sniph Rack to stay organized and always have perfumes you love stored safely. Make some space for your favourite perfumes and match them to go together with your outfits.

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5. Travel with style

Always make sure to protect your perfume bottles while travelling. You don’t want to arrive to your dream holiday destination, open a suitcase and get knocked down by overwhelming scent of your favourite perfume, discover that the lid is nowhere to be found and a bottle is half empty… Besides, why limit yourself to one perfume when you can bring one for every occasion? Secure your perfumes with a Sniph Travel Cases which are an amazing accessory to any outfit and luggage, so the only surprise is how well you smell anytime and anywhere.