International Women’s Day

Published March 8, 2022

Today on International Women’s Day we want to pay tribute to all of our female perfumers, customers and entrepreneurs. To highlight the feminine attributes which we look towards when creating a way forward, together. This includes strength, creativity and courage, but also consideration, humility and calm. Get inspired by all the women who have chosen to go their own way when it comes to discovering their own pleasure through their sense of smell, start their own perfume house with female values or lift other women by investing in their goals and dreams – perhaps by purchasing their products.

Mia, subscriber

Do you have a favorite amongst our female perfumers?

I really love Tattoo Artist by Genyum. A real hit and a scent that I would really love to have as a full bottle. It surprises me every time. Always smells better than I remembered. Another favorite is.Cobalt Amber by Abel. So soft, tactile and sensual. A cosy scent for emotional comfort!

Sonar by 27 87 is also a really cool scent! Just the description ” wood, beer and cables” gets me and it delivers. A very different scent. A scent that I’ve had for a while and have disliked but that has now got my attention is Rose/Rhubarb. It’s beautifully sweet and bubbly, really smells like rhubarb! The very first crisp rhubarb that’s sooo juicy when you cut it.

Emili, customer

What does it mean to you, to smell like a woman?

To let the scent become an extension of your personality and inspire others to dare to do the same.

Karenina, subscriber

What does it mean to you, to smell like a woman?

Just like I often meet women who in many ways are all-round artists, scents are a way for me to enhance what I’m feeling in that moment, or how I want to feel. It’s about bringing out a nuance that’s already there, but with more power. Like picking which side of myself needs a little more light that day. I’m also colored by memories; my teacher in the first grade wore a perfume which I can still feel sometimes when I’m out. She was deeply religious and in my eyes probably around 60 years old (she was probably around 30), so you can guess if I was surprised when I feel someone young wearing it today.

And how many of us don’t have a powdery memory of their grandma? Maybe that’s why I prefer to go a different way when it comes to scent. If I have children and grandchildren, will they feel the same about the scent of pencils, amber or tea?

Safiya, Sniph team

What does it mean to you, to smell like a woman?

Smelling like a woman means to feel sensual, cute, warm and charming within myself – with the help of perfumes that bring out the characteristics I want to show in different degrees, from day to day – moment by moment.