Kickstart your fall

Published August 27, 2021

After the summer’s more relaxed schedule it might feel challenging to readjust and get ready for the hustle and bustle of autumn. New routines, new responsibilities, maybe a new project to launch? It’s all about having an organised and pleasurable environment where you can recharge and find new inspiration. To set yourself up in the best way possible and gain some perspective on the new season, we want to share our top tips on how to kickstart your autumn!

1. Do one thing at a time

When your to-do-list is overflowing it’s tempting to try and check off as many things at once as possible, but often this leads to a lot of starting and not a lot of finishing. Instead, try to focus on one thing at a time and give your full attention to it until it’s completed. Believe it or not, you’ll find yourself feeling more effective.

2. Let each thing have its own place

Summer calls for a lot of stuff. Sunscreen, sunhats, swimsuits, magazines… and so. Much. More. To create a harmonious home, make sure to clear out all superfluous things and let them go to another home (or the recycling bin). The things that make the cut each deserve their own place so you always know where they are and know where to put them after usage.

3. Open up your windows each morning

After an entire night’s sleep both you and your home are in need of some fresh air to start your day in the best way. Let the air circulate through your rooms and take a few deep breaths to oxygenate yourself too. Finish off with a couple of sprays of room scent.

4. Start a new routine that’s just for you

We know how tempting it can be to fill up your schedule with sweaty workouts, cosy dinners and new work projects. Just don’t forget to keep a sense of summer freedom, it’s okay to do nothing all day without feeling guilty or doing extra the next day. Start a thoughtful routine only meant for you where you can rest and recharge when your energy is running low. A daily walk, a moment with your diary or a mid-day meditation?

5. Scent your autumn

We can’t make a list without mentioning the magic power of scent to boost your mood and set the tone for any moment. Use different scents to colour your autumn at home, at work and spending time with near and dear. We usually say we have a scent for every mood and occasion, so dare to explore scents you might not previously have gone for. It might lead you to new exciting meetings and adventures…