Liberté, égalité, féminité

Published April 13, 2021

The visionary mother Chantal is a legend within perfumery with scents like Opium for Yves Saint Laurent in her repertoire. The musical daughter Alexandra started out as an indie rockstar and eventually found her home in the world of scents. Together, this dynamic duo creates striking scents that don’t compromise. Meet Roos & Roos.

“Because a fragrance
belongs to the woman (or man)
who wears it.” 

Roos & Roos launched in 2014 by the mother–daughter duo and has since then presented fourteen various perfumes together with nose Fabrice Pelegrin. Their manifesto is based on the perfume’s ability to weave itself into the individuality of the wearer like a second skin, a stamp, a memory and an intimate presence. Roos & Roos convey a daring clarity with notes that show both a femininity and a freedom – interpreted for different personalities.

Pale Blue Eyes

Dedicated to one of Alexandra’s favourite songs by the same name sung by legend Lou Reed from Velvet Underground. The scent is oriental and floral with embracing notes of tangerine and cassis. After a little while, a sophisticated nuance of tuberose, sandalwood and cashmeran is revealed. A feminine raw scent for when you want it your way.

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The mirror image to the literary Lolita, a wild beauty who stands confidently in her floral musk. The idea behind this scent was to combine a traditional loveliness with an untamable side to challenge whoever feels the scent to play with the traditional gender norms. Fresh tangerine and delicious magnolia marry a more fleeting white musk, and an almost masculine cedarwood. Perfect for the one who doesn’t want to be predictable.

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Sympathy For the Sun

A true favourite amongst our subscribers that find their inspiration in the Rolling Stones and the sunny riviera in the 70s. Bare skin warming up underneath the relaxing rays of the sun, with sweet ‘n sour splashes of ripe citrus from your drink. Waves from the ocean come bearing jasmine, peonies and salt when you close your eyes. The perfect scent to remind you that the summer inside of you is never-ending.

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