MARIEJEANNE – With love for the raw materials

Published June 14, 2023

Georges Maubert, 35, is the nose behind the French perfume house MarieJeanne. With roots in the historic scent city Grasse in the south of France, this perfume house creates scents with a focus on high-quality raw materials.

Georges Maubert is involved in all stages of the production process of the house’s fragrances. His family, the Robertets, have been producers of raw materials for perfumes since the 1850s. Thus, Georges has been part of the perfume world since childhood, and one of his strongest early scent memories has to do with perfume: he still remembers the green notes of his grandmother’s signature scent, Chanel N°19. Another early olfactory memory is the smell of fougassette – a pastry from southern France flavored with orange blossom, from the bakery Maison Venturini in hometown Grasse.

Lavender is another scent that Georges associates with his childhood. “One of my favorites among MarieJeanne’s fragrances is the scented candle “Paulette”. Paulette is one of the creations I am most proud of: it is based on a formula my great-aunt used, with camphor and lavender, which brings back many childhood memories.” If Georges were to describe himself as a fragrance, lavender makes another appearance: “I would describe myself as a very minimalist cologne with lavender and bergamot”.

In the production of the perfumes of MarieJeanne, Georges Maubert collaborates with some of the world’s most prominent perfumers. Raw materials play the main role in their fragrances and all have their own unique olfactory identities. The perfume house sourcers materials for its perfumes both locally in Grasse and in other places around the world, but the focus always remain on supporting sustainable agriculture regardless of where the raw materials are produced.All raw materials are traceable all the way from planting to harvest – to ensure that they are as high quality as possible.  “We are proud to be able to work with such passionate producers”.

The inspiration for the fragrances comes mainly from two different places. “I might discover a raw material on a trip to one of Robertet’s production sites and aim to transcribe it into a perfume as realistically as possible. Secondly, through my family: we have ancestral formulas that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the members of my family are a great inspiration to me.” With Geroges Maubert and the perfume house MarieJeanne, the combined knowledge of five generations has been tenderly managed and distilled into beautiful, well-produced fragrances that show great love for both the production process and the raw materials. We look forward to sharing these scent experiences with you!

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