NEH – Created to create you

Published June 20, 2024

NEH is the perfume house where master perfumery meets mindfulness. With the help of perfume, NEH wants to encourage you to be guided by your intuition in the exploration and rediscovery of your true essence, and the fragrances of the house become a way of being present.

Created by Sniph co-founder Tara Derakshan, NEH got its name from the last letters of her full name – Taraneh – which she reconnected with early on in her journey in mindfulness and healing. The name also shares it’s pronunciation with the French word for nose – “nez”. The first three fragrances from the house are called The Opening, The High, and The Light, and with the release of these scents, we took the opportunity to talk with Tara about her journey in the world of scent and her creative process.

Scents are a central part of the life of Tara. If she were to describe herself as one, she says it would be a dynamic combination of warm vanilla, grounding sandalwood, and lively, energizing citrus: "Each element reflecting my sweet nature, resoluteness, and zest for life". Tara considers a citrus note one of the most underrated notes in the scent world: mandarin. "It's a wonderfully adaptable yet underappreciated note that brings a fresh vibrancy to any fragrance".

Tara’s scent journey began long before the founding of Sniph and her own house NEH. “My fondest scent memory is from childhood visits to my grandmother in Iran, where I first encountered “faloodeh” – a unique sorbet ice cream that they only make there. It’s made with noodles and infused with rose water and a hint of vanilla, and the delicate floral notes mixed with the sweet vanilla bring back the comfort and joy of those early years.” 

The Opening, The High och The Light – the first three scents of “The Altered States” collection.

The inspiration for her fragrances often arises in meaningful discussions with people close to her but also comes to her subconsciously: when she sleeps or is alone out in nature. “The whispers of my subconscious guide me to epiphanies that turn into the most fulfilling projects,” she describes it.

Once an idea has taken root, the process leading up to the finished perfume is intuitive and iterative. It starts with a vision and a desired emotional resonance, and then Tara works backward and refines the creation until it aligns with the emotional intention.


Conveying emotions is one of the biggest reasons why Tara took the step to become a perfume creator: “Creating scents that evoke deep emotions and facilitate a journey of self-discovery and transformation drives me. I am passionate about merging the art of fragrance with therapeutic practices to enhance emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.” With NEH, that vision becomes a reality.

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Eucalyptus, Verbena, White Musk