Savour – the unique dressed in the familiar

Published May 4, 2023

In June, we welcome Swedish perfume house Savour to Sniph! First out in the summer sun are the scents “Mock Orange” and “Bee Mine” – both creations that perfectly capture summer itself: the feeling of anticipation, of nostalgia and of sitting in the shade and listening to bees gathering nectar among the flowers of the apple tree.

And it’s in nature itself that Linda Landenberg, the nose behind Savour, gets much of her inspiration. That’s where you’ll find the contrasts –  “the alluring phases alongside the melancholic ones” she says. Her philosophy and lifestyle is based on staying attentive, curious and present in both big and small things – something that can be perfectly summed up in the name of the house: Savour.

With Savour, she works with the concept Doftgarderob™, Swedish for “Scent Closet”: the idea that you as a person have more than just one expression, mood and behavior – that you are flexible, adapt and enhance different qualities depending on the situation. With its fragrances, Savour wants to provide access to tools that help you explore and define yourself.

If Linda herself was a fragrance, she tells us that it would be a charismatic one, with a big dose of integrity. Her best scent memories are oak moss, that represents sensuality and security, a rock outcrop that radiates freedom and – as a contrast to that – the belly of the miniature dachshund Algot: “It smells like a mixture of buns and cardamom”.

When it comes to her fragrance creations, Linda puts a lot of focus on what each individual project needs. She believes that trends tend to overuse certain notes and forget about the gems. In fact, some moods need just that specific note, and all have their own unique qualities – in themselves and in relation to their surroundings. She works as a B2B consultant and “each company has its own story alongside their vision, which inspire me in the strive to create something unique dressed in something familiar”.

And that’s how we’d like to sum up Savour – the unique, with sensations of the familiar. In Savour you’ll find a fragrance for every day, regardless of mood, state of mind or expression. Let them awaken your senses and give you the chance to express what makes you unique!