Nuances of purple

Published February 19, 2021

A scent that most of us can distinguish with our eyes blindfolded is the magnificent lavender. With over 30 different scent profiles, this flower is a true shape-shifter used just as much for female perfumes as for male ones. The most common connection is probably the French lavender fields that run down towards the Mediterranean Sea, but did you know this flower has its origins in India? The antibacterial properties have long been used to heal wounds and disinfect clothes. Lavender has for centuries also been a real best-seller within colognes and perfumes for the upper class, especially for men.

Lavender has made a comeback on the perfume scene and is found in a variety of newly launched scents in our different perfume houses. Last July, we tried something that has never before been done when we sent out the same lavender scent to all of our subscribers. The scent is the enchanting Haute Provence with inspiration from the purple fields that stretch across the south of France like a quilted blanket. The perfume is still one of our absolute best-sellers so we thought: why not inspire you to explore other exquisite scents with lavender as a prominent note?

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist explores the art that is promoted on the naked skin canvas. Cedar wood lays a base for creative expression, dipped in the ink of strong saffron, cardamom and lavender.

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Spell-bound from the first moment by an invisible force, without any convincing. A self-evident composition of aromatic lavender, soft almond and fresh anise.

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Where east meets west in a delicious mix of scents from the spice markets different corners. Cardamom is beautifully wrapped in sandalwood with lavender, vanilla and tonka bean. Mmm!

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