Perfume for all senses

Published March 17, 2021

How often do you let your senses lead? Discover the pleasure of succumbing to an inner journey through tastes, visions or noises that make the hairs on your arm stand up?

Pentalogies is the perfume house which catches the fickle characters of the senses and studies them through a scented lens. In the first collection, L’Etude, we get to discover five perfumes that focus on their respective organs and together form a pentalogy. The ear, the eye, the skin, the mouth and the nose have each gotten their own scent interpretations, unveiling one fascinating universe after the other.

For this launch we’ve chosen our two favourites from Pentalogies: L’Ouïe and Le Goût. L’Ouïe is the French word for hearing and connects the nose with the ear for a cross-reference, The rhythmic sound of saltwater trickling down pearlscent wood, translated to scent. Le Goût means taste in French and perhaps it’s through the exploration of the mouth we can understand more of ourselves? Delicious black currants, spicy saffron and aphrodisiac accords of tonka bean.

The founder Dorothée Duret sees her perfume house as a place of exploration, a balance between presence and observation. The senses are both the foundation and the building blocks of these scent creations, giving Dorothée a space to map out all that stimulates her own senses and their influence. The nose behind the perfumes is Clémentine Humeau. Her independence, sensitivity and passion for words resonates with Dorothées vision for Pentalogies, and together they create scented magic.

Let your senses guide you.

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