Scent note: Liquorice

Published April 11, 2022

No matter if you love it or can’t stand it, no one can deny the fact that liquorice makes a lasting impression on most of us. Sweet, salt or something different – even if you’re not a fan of the taste there might be something you’ll love about the anise-like sweetness from liquorice as a scent note. 

Since 2004, Liquorice Day has been celebrated the 12th of April to celebrate the history, health benefits and usage of black liquorice. Liquorice is extracted from the liquorice root and can be used to make candy, flavour drinks or scent perfumes. You can find it as raw liquorice, powder or granulated. The word “liquorice” comes from the old French “licoresse”, originally from the Greek word for “sweet root”. And if you’ve ever chewed on a liquorice stick you will understand why.

Even if both the flavour and scent is reminiscent of anise or fennel, liquorice is actually not related to either. As a scent note, liquorice is often used in gourmand scents or as a compliment to woody or earthy scents. Did you know that liquorice is also associated with love potions and spells? According to some, spreading liquorice in your lover’s footsteps will keep him/her from wandering… Maybe the same applies to spraying liquorice perfume on your lover’s clothes? Try our best liquorice perfumes and let yourself be seduced by this dark sweetness.

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