Scent note: Sandalwood

Published May 6, 2022

If you’ve ever travelled in India, you probably recognize the characteristic scent of sandalwood wrapping both your clothes and the walls in a scented fog. Milky, soft and rich with green top notes. The exquisite sandalwood is an appreciated scent note which is often used to create perfumes with a unisex sweetness and a spicier character. Keep reading for a deep dive into the world’s second most expensive wood.

The source to this scent note is the bark from the Indian Santalum tree which has been used for thousands of years in both hindu and buddhist rituals. The tree has however become extinct and therefore other types from Australia and New Caledonia have increased in popularity. Sandalwood as a scent note is often combined with other woods like cedar or other essential oils such as patchouli. It works excellently as a base in perfumes where it sits as a creamy base and lets floral or spicy notes shine. Sandalwood is also used as a fixator for citrus scents as it helps these notes to stay longer on the skin. A synthetic version, Isobornyl cyclohexanol, is more oftenly used in order to protect the trees.

In addition to its exquisite scent, sandalwood is considered to have healing properties. Traditional Chinese and ayurvedic medicine uses the sandalwood for a number of ailments. The oil from the sandalwood tree is also antiseptic and emollient which makes it a common ingredient on the bathroom shelf. Studies also show that sandalwood increases focus and decreases anxiety. Try perfumes with sandalwood to get focused, sharpen your senses and get into that relaxed feeling!

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