Taylor Swift – A scent interpretation of the famous pop star

Published April 19, 2024
The superstar of our age

She is one of the most influential and successful superstars of our age. While her career began primarily within the genre of country, today she sells out arenas worldwide with her pop music – where she paints captivating stories that touch on love, heartbreak, and empowerment. To celebrate her latest album release 'The Tortured Poets Department', the scent experts at Sniph have delved into her world and hand-picked scents and subjects related to her that even the most recent admirer can relate to!

Musical themes

Empowerment and storytelling became her artistic bedrock, as she crafted anthems that spoke to the triumphs and tribulations of youth. With each verse, she painted vivid portraits of love found and lost, of dreams pursued and obstacles overcome. Through her music, Taylor became a beacon of strength for a generation navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence and self-discovery.


Red EdP

Perfume Sucks

Bergamot, Red apple, Black pepper


All true fans are aware of a particular song on her albums where Taylor transports the listener to a deeply emotional realm – track number five. This placement is intentional, as she delves into themes of vulnerability and introspection, often drawing from her past experiences, such as concluded relationships or profound emotions. Through this, she forges an authentic and sincere bond with her fans. For instance, “White Horse” and “So Long, London”, both hold the fifth track position on their respective albums, offering a glimpse into her emotional landscape.


When searching for her music on Spotify, one soon discovers that many of her songs are available in two versions. If there are two songs with the same title – always choose the one with the extension “Taylor’s Version”. This is a decision the superstar has made based on reclaiming ownership of her recordings. In 2021, she released her first re-recording of an album, where she simply re-recorded her music – and thus owns the master recording for her music. This is a real power move by the icon, where she makes clear that she has ultimate control over her artistic legacy.


Beyond the spotlight, the superstar seeks solace in the companionship of her feline friends, her love for cats serving as a source of comfort and inspiration. Her furry companions became beloved symbols of whimsy and affection, enriching both her personal life and her artistic endeavors – represented in some of the artist’s music videos.