Scents & Sustainability

Published June 15, 2020

Perfumery conjures up images of hand-harvested blossoms and herbs, lovingly transformed under artisanal forms into treasured drops. Although that’s true of many of Sniph’s wonderful indie brands, that’s hardly the case for the business as a whole. Perfume-making is one of the largest global luxury industries and can have a significant impact on certain plants – and even animals. Plus, most perfume formulations are hidden behind one word – “Parfum” or “Aroma” – on the ingredient list. This makes it difficult for conscientious consumers to know if a product is made using ethically sourced ingredients.

Thankfully, awareness is growing. You don’t have to stop using perfumes as an environmentally conscious fragrance lover. Just read our quick tips on how to smell sustainably ever after.

1. Choose scents with care

Look for brands that respect nature and whose ethos is not only about using ethically sourced raw materials, but also promoting sustainability across the industry. Check how transparent your perfume brand is - a lot of information is usually available on their websites. Several small indie brands are paving the way to a more responsible approach to perfume production and ingredient and improving transparency in the process. A number of well-established perfume brands have begun to make sustainability commitments as well.

2. Synthetics may be better

The perfume industry is one of the biggest consumers of essential oils extracted from plants. Although most plants are cultivated specifically for fragrances, some wild plants are targeted by the industry. They are highly appreciated by perfumers because of their rarity and because they have unique scent profiles. Enter synthetics. Today, some synthetic ingredients are impossible to tell from the real deal. From a sustainability angle, fragrance from rare or protected raw materials, such as sandalwood, can be reproduced without the risk of extinction.

3. Go small

That’s the beauty of Sniph. Our 8 ml bottles are perfect for trying out a new scent for a month or two. And you can enjoy several bottles without guilt, knowing that they’re so conveniently sized and will go everywhere with you. Don’t buy big bottles if you know you’re not going to enjoy them. It doesn’t matter if it’s sustainably produced if it’s not used!

4. Reuse and recycle

We’re committed to making the industry more sustainable. In Sweden, Sniph has introduced Panta Parfymen. So simple, so smart. Just send in 5 Sniph bottles in a special envelope - with postage prepaid - that we send subscribers free of charge. The bottles may be empty or more or less filled with fragrance you no longer use. We’ll take care of them, dispose of unwanted perfume in a safe way and wash the bottles that will be refilled with another gorgeous scent. As a thank you, we’ll give you 5000 Sniph Points, that may be used towards the purchase of a new scent. Panta Parfymen is only available in Sweden right now, but our ambition is that it will be available on every market.