Spring scents: for her & for him

Published February 23, 2021

Florals for spring? Though it may not be groundbreaking, it’s definitely something that never goes out of style. Even though we’re just making it past February, there’s something thrilling about allowing ourselves to dream about the sunny days that are inevitably coming closer. It might still be a little early to bring out your lighter jackets and your freshly unboxed white sneakers, but it’s never too soon to invite those springtime scents into your scent wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for something softer that melts into your skin, a spicy wood or a decadent bouquet of flowers, we’ve got the right pick for you. Explore the perfumes that take you from winter to spring in one delicious spray.

For her

FR/18 is the olfactive answer to a cocktail party set up in a spring garden, with fresh and elegant guests spread out on the slightly damp grass. Scent notes such as juniper and ginger mingle with metallic musk for an effervescent effect. Cheers!

Cherry Blossom has since its launch been a true fan favourite, and it’s not difficult to see why. Inspired by the old tradition of Japanese “flower viewing”, this scent is a breath of fresh air rushing through the cherry blossom trees. Is it fresh, fruity or floral? All of the above.

Marie in Le Marais sweeps you away to the streets of Paris on a sunny spring day, where trendy boutiques are lined up next to bakeries and art galleries. Sparkling grapefruit tingles as chic bouquets of white flowers and blackcurrant buds put your feet back on the ground.

Les Fleurs is inspired by the Minnie Ripperton song by the same name, and is equally extraordinary in range yet light and joyful simultaneously. It reminds us of a city park in southern Europe filled with fig trees, bright citrus and creamy magnolia petals.


Grapefruit, Gin, Metallic Notes

For him

Celluloid is a beautiful synthetic composition, highlighting the senses. Are you longing to go in a new direction this spring? Go against the current with a daring scent as your armour. Smoky rum, fierce patchouli and a base of trusty wood have got your back.

Sel D’argent takes you to a late afternoon on the rocks of the Isle of Beauty. Salty waves rise from the sea and mix with the piquant bitterness of citrus and the fresh evening air. An elusive perfume that tells the story of a warm spring in another part of the world.

Maître Jardinier invites you to a maze of green paths hidden amongst freshly clipped hedges. The branches filter the sunlight and warm up notes of blooming florals, sweet citrus and damp soil. The main character of this story is the skilled gardener and his tools.

Genetic Bliss is an advanced yet familiar molecular perfume which adapts to the unique scent of your skin. Elevating your base potential with its linear composition of spicy woods, moxalone and creamy sandalwood, this scent will have you hooked in no time.