Sunny scent destinations

Published June 30, 2023

You put your phone on airplane mode and sink further into your seat. Soon you’ll step out into the welcoming embrace of the Mediterranean heat. The memories of the salty sea breeze, the sticky sunscreen, and the waft of ripe citrus in the air are almost palpable. All that’s left to do is pick your destination.

No matter what your summer looks like and where you will be, you can experience the fresh sweet notes of Italy, the soft, blue scents of Greece, and the sunny notes of the beaches of Mallorca. Let these scents lead you to your dream destinations and explore the world for only £18 per ticket.

Where are you traveling?


On the larges island of the Mediterranean, you'll find rich culture, wonderfully sunny boat trips, and nature as beautiful as a backdrop. Crispy pizza, slowly melting gelato, and freshly caught squid. Bring your favourite swimwear, your unbleached linen sheets, and a relaxed mood, to fit perfectly into this Italian summer dream.

Matiere Premiere – Cologne Cédrat EdP
A citrus that lasts. This was the initial idea behind this brilliant bergamot creation. With both black pepper oil and pink pepper oil, this fresh composition gets an added layer of spice. A finishing note of green tea makes it last long into the night, even after the playful adventures of the day.

Carner Barcelona – Volcano EdP
Volcano EdP is a burning tribute to the forces of nature: wood, fire, wind and sun captured in a moment of glass. Sensual patchouli, ginger, Somalian incense and Bulgarian rose light up a shimmering lava lamp.

James Heeley – Coccobello EdP
Set along the shores of a sun-drenched island, fresh morning dew settles on green palm leaves. Light notes of Tahitian gardenia come and go with the rhythm of a transparent, silent sea. Bountiful and bronzed, a warm body bathed in coconut stretches out over fine white sand, shaded by notes of Virginian cedar wood.

Carner Barcelona

Rose, Ginger, Patchouli

Mykonos offers a lot of everything! Quiet restaurants coexist with lively bars, and art and culture are in full swing around the clock. Need to take a break from the pulse of the city? Beaches, windmills, and the endless blue sea are only a stone's throw away. There's room for everyone on Mykonos, and you are welcome back anytime.

Histoires de Parfums – This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.2 EdP
In 2015, the contradictory and beautiful collection “This is Not a Blue Bottle” was launched by Histoires de Parfums. Number two in the collection is an explosion of flowers. A prism that breaks light up into its constituent spectral colors (the colors of the rainbow).

BDK Parfums – Sel d’Argent EdP
Sel d’Argent EdP is a late afternoon on the rocks of the Isle of Beauty. Salty wafts from the sea, piquant bitterness of late-summer citruses, the freshness of clean evening air. The elusive beauty of the end of summer, bottled.

Perfume Sucks – Blue EdP
Blue EdP is a deep-diving aqua fresh composition. Calone carries the ocean breeze while sandalwood, cassis and cardamom add depth. And of course, a tidy layer of soap and sunscreen.

Perfume Sucks

Sandalwood, Calone, Hedione

On the island of Mallorca, you will find the perfect mix of majestic nature, historical sights, and delicious meals. Take a hike in the morning before the sun is high in the sky, then soak up the rays on the deck of a boat, bobbing leisurely on the turquoise sea for the rest of the day before dinnertime.

James Heeley – Cardinal EdP
Incense and freshly washed linen sheets. A fog of mysticism encapsulates the silence. Cardinal EdP is a contemporary constellation with both darkness and light, mysticism and innocense. Clean notes balanced with vetiver, patchouli and pink pepper.

Histoires de Parfums – 1804 EdP
Aurore Dupin, later known under the pseudonym George Sand, was born in Paris in 1804. As an early women’s rights activist and author, she stood up for equality, advocated passion and fought against conservative prejudices. In 1804, creator Gérard Ghislain let the modern-day heiress to George Sand relive her passion and generosity through delicate jasmine flowers, sweet pineapple and darker notes of patchouli.

Genyum – Sculptor EdP
You’re welcome to step inside but do not disturb the sculptor at work. Scents from nature like juniper, iris and cypriol create a fantastic scenery with wet clay, the heat from the oven and a sharp focus. In Sculptor by Genyum we meet the sculptor in his arena, amongst tools and unfinished pieces. 

James Heeley

Pink pepper, Olibanum, Vetiver

Histoires de Parfums

Patchouli, Vanilla, Pineapple