The importance of scents in your relationship

Published August 11, 2020

We believe that your sense of smell is your most powerful sense as it is the sense that is linked the closest to your memories and your emotions. Scent has the power to make your body react on a decision before you’ve even perceived what is happening. Simply put, this is because your sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system in the brain which is the most primitive part that controls your feelings and memories. That’s why a scent that you haven’t felt since you were a child may still feel sharp and familiar, or why a scent you really like can deeply affect your wellbeing and mood.

Can we thereby consider this sense as something of an emotional captain? An unexplored and discreet superpower that affects both you and your environment subconsciously, more than you think? The more scientists learn about the complex sense of smell, the more it seems like this is the case.

Seems like our body's scent makes a difference in our choice of partner.

The way our bodies smell naturally even seems to play a part in our choice of partner. Scents dictate the choices we make about which people we choose to surround ourselves with – and whom we avoid. Scents make us feel and remember, and can affect your presence in any given situation. It may also be the reason why “smell dating” has appeared as a method of finding the one for you. Perfume with non-smelling scent substances that resemble those that our bodies produce naturally (pheromones) may not be such a crazy thing after all.

When the scent just clicks

Sniph’s co-founder Lisa believes she is living proof of love at first sniff:

– I knew I had met the man in my life the second I felt his scent. I have always been receptive and sensitive to the impressions that scent makes, but this time it was different. He just smelled incredible! His scent made me feel both secure and attracted to him. I remember how I couldn’t stop telling him that his face smelled of truffle.

We can agree that nothing smells as attractive as the person that is a perfect match for you. Neuroscientist and doctor Katarina Gospic explains that one often (consciously or subconsciously) feels attracted to a person whose genes are different than one’s own. The non-scented substance pheromones that one person exudes can trigger an ovulation in another person with ovaries, given that their set of genes are NOT similar. In other words, our nose helps us make the choice of which partner to procreate with to ensure a good set of genes.

In addition to the biological aspect, there is something magical about the power that scent can have in provoking strong feelings of hate, disgust or attraction. Everyone knows the feeling of being soothed by or attracted to the scent of your partner. Notice how some bury their noses in their darling’s hair and how others can’t stop smelling their partner’s t-shirt. Couples have long witnessed how fragrance chemistry affects their love and lust.

Sexual attraction continues to be one of life’s great mysteries. Perhaps you have a type when it comes to your dream partner: tall, short, brunette, crazy about exercise or a chef in the kitchen. However, we usually fall for something else entirely. Even if there is no scientific explanation regarding how a certain perfume would govern our choice of partner, a distinctive fragrance may very well be part of the package you fall in love with.

In addition to the biological aspect, there is something magical about the power that scent can have in provoking strong feelings of hate, disgust or attraction.

Scents to mess up your sheets

When it comes to popular scents for women, our scent experts recommend creamy vanilla scents and powdery scented families. These scents are connected to the mythical love aphrodisiacs. Both chocolate and honey are said to be rich in aphrodisiacs that increase your sex drive, even though this has no proven effect. Also, scents with a base of warm notes like amber, vanilla and sweet musk are claimed to trigger attraction with their “edible” qualities. The fastest way to someone’s heart is through their belly. If you also believe this is the case, choose scent notes that carry your thoughts to sweets and baked goods.

♀ For her

When it comes to men however, their partners seem more drawn to spicy and woody notes like pepper, lavender, and herbs. These smell clean and fresh in their simplicity. Musk is another seductive note for men as it resembles the smell of skin and uncovers a soft sweetness. The Iso E Super Molecule is also widely used in perfumes for men with a caressing, safe scent that most people love. Some even go so far as to describe it like the smell of clean skin and – yes, sex.

♂ For him

When it comes to your choice of perfumes in your scent wardrobe, research can only determine so much. We still believe you need to try out your – and your partner’s – most attractive perfume. There are no shortcuts to finding the one, whether you’re looking for love or perfume.

Les Liquides Imaginaires

Ambergris, Oud, Saffron

Pierre Guillaume Paris

Exotic fruit, Saltwater, Warm wood
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