The journey behind our Presence Collection

Published October 19, 2019

With our members’ wishes as luggage, Sniph’s founders travelled to Paris to make a dream come true. Lisa Kjellqvist, product developer at Sniph, tells us all about the journey and the hard work behind the innovative Presence Collection.

Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sofie Behagel are two innovative French perfume designers that Sniph had been dreaming of working with for a long time. – They have been leading the industry when it comes to developing niche perfumes in recent years, says Lisa Kjellqvist, Product Manager at Sniph. In addition to the duo's recognized ability to create new unique scents for special purposes, they also have a way of working close to their customers, which really matches Sniph's vision of giving more people access to well-composed scents in everyday life. - They work efficiently, are extremely responsive to their customers and extremely professional. We share their values ​​and clicked directly, Lisa Kjellqvist explains.

Discover Presence Collection

Collection exists thanks to committed members

The work of designing the compositions for Sniph’s first own collection of home scents did not start in Paris trendiest district, around Sentier.
Without Sniph’s members, the collection would not have become a reality. It is also thanks to the clear wishes of the members that the collection has been composed in such a unique way,
– Our members’ wishes are the foundation of this whole project, says Lisa Kjellqvist.
– They suggested fragrances with clear emotional connections. We interpreted their wishes and came up with three emotional states to evoke via fragrances, says Lisa Kjellqvist.
In France, the Swedish wishes were taken very seriously, but also led to some more surprised reactions. In France, the home country of perfume making, it is common knowledge that fragrance evokes emotions.
– On the other hand, it was new for them to start the creative process in a feeling and develop a scent entirely based around it, that was a whole new approach there, says Lisa Kjellkvist. 

Calmness, sensualism and focus

Sniph’s members wanted help finding focus, sensualism and focus in the first place. The goal of the joint work with the French perfumers was therefore to find three completely different scents that led the user straight into the right emotional state.
During the course of work, hundreds and hundreds of fragrance samples were experienced and assessed in order to find the exact right blends and combinations for the purpose.
– Since the goal is to develop something completely new, scents that are unlike anything else, we chose not to rush it and let that process take its time, says Lisa Kjellqvist and concludes;
– When the scents now are ready for launch, I feel that we really made the right priorities. We have found the absolutely right composition in all three scents. Sniph has created a collection that is truly groundbreaking and something out of the ordinary. We are very proud of the collection – a whole new generation of home scents that truly evokes emotions.

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