The most popular scents right now

Published November 25, 2020

Popularity is not constant. But once a beautiful scent makes its way to your heart, it stays there for a long while. Found the one? Make sure to secure your relationship by getting a full-sized bottle of the precious juice. Still searching? Then explore the most popular scents of the moment for each Sniph collection or help someone you know who is searching too. And who knows? Love might happen.

Trending Now: Etat Libre d’Orange – I am Trash EdP

Contrary to its provocative name, I am Trash is a perfectly clean, bright and happy scent of apple, rose and strawberry. So juicy and pretty, that you will refuse to stop wearing it 24/7. 100% full bottle worthy.

Female Classics: Floris – Cherry Blossom  EdP

New to the Sniph family, Cherry Blossom is gaining well-deserved popularity rapidly. No surprise: created by one of the oldest and most iconic British perfume houses, this perfume is gracefully balancing between “elegant” and “simply happy”. A dreamy scent of cherry flowers to carry your mind away with the cloud of a thousand pink petals…

Clean:  Parle Moi de Parfum – Haute Provence / 89 EdP

The most popular scent of this summer, Haute Provence is an olfactory road trip from the high lavender fields of Provence to the Mediterranean Sea. The calming scent of iconic Provence lavender marries the sea breeze and juicy fruitiness from the local markets. A soft, comforting reminder that everything will be good, very soon.

Etat Libre d'Orange

Apple, Rose, Sandalwood

Avant-Garde: Room 1015 – Cherry Punk

Punk meets fashion just like heavy leather meets innocent cherry in the hottest 2020 release by Room 1015. Cherry punk is all about contrasts: rebellious and romantic, sweet and smoky. The idealism of adolescence, wrapped in a heavy leather jacket. Perfect for all punks & poets (or simply creative scents’ lovers) out there.

Work/Play: Etat Libre d’Orange – Hermann A Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre

One more creation by the provocative Etat Libre d’Orange in our list, Hermann was designed to be your scented shadow, following you everywhere while staying close. Wild blackcurrant buds, sharply green galbanum and earthy geosmin are dark and enchanted, like a deep forest in the gothic novel. But don’t be scared, you are not alone.

Aesthetic: Liquides Imaginaires – Fortis 

Another perfume with a somehow darker story but an uplifting scent, Fortis was inspired by holy water. But we can promise: the scent itself is nothing like you expect. Let us just say that It’s about placing the bad behind you and looking forward. You should try it yourself! Oh, and did we mention the stunning bottle design?

Les Liquides Imaginaires

Ambergris, Oud, Saffron
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