Use the power of scents to enhance your life

Published August 8, 2020

The power of scent. We talk about it a lot, but what does this really mean? How can a single breath in really be so powerful? Scent is the most powerful of the human senses. It harnesses the wisdom, power, and beauty of the human spirit. We don’t just preach this because we are obsessed with scents (because we are!), but overwhelming amounts of research has been conducted that supports this idea, too.

In the time since Sinph began in 2017, we’ve witnessed this ‘power of scent first’ hand. Whether it’s through letters and emails from our members, comments and posts on instagram, or direct messages on Facebook, we’ve seen how a single whiff of a certain scent has the extraordinary ability to evoke meaningful memories, enhance our relationships with loved ones, lift our mood when we need it, and transport us far, far away when we least expect it.

This all sounds nice, but rather than scents being an unconscious way of changing our behavior, mood, or attitude, we have identified ways to purposely utilize scents to enhance important areas of our lives that we all aim to improve. There are many ways to strategically take advantage of the power of scent to level up our lives, but we shift our focus to using scents to help manifest our dreams — through our well-being, our careers, and romance.


Being in a true state of well-being means living our life with a sense of meaning and purpose, being comfortable, in good health, and happy. Our well-being can be altered by many factors; the amount of sleep we get at night, the level of stress we feel during the day, how much exercise we engage in, etc. We know that scents have the ability to enhance many of these areas, lavender aromas can for example allow you to find relaxation. It has a soothing effect on nerves, and using it in the evening allow you to re-center yourself for a good night's sleep. Lavender has also been linked to enhancing sleep patterns by taking us to deeper, longer periods of REM sleep. Similarly, scents with notes of citrus have demonstrated the ability to decrease daily stress, whether it’s in the workplace or simply life itself. Using sleeping aromas, room or pillow sprays, and essential oils are ways to utilize these scents throughout the day an enhance your well-being.


Whether you’re in search of your dream job, looking for a career change, or aiming to be more productive in your current situation, scents play a major role in helping us reach our greatest potential. It is said that we will spend, on average, a third of our lives at work. Using fragrances that make you feel bold and confident are ways to allow you to stand out in an interview or meeting, giving you the confidence you need to achieve your career aspirations. We recommend interacting with scents that make you feel unique and that enable you to express your individuality. These can be different for everybody… some of us enjoy more floral or classic perfumes, while others enjoy notes of cedar or wood. Whatever it is, discovering and utilizing this is essential in allowing you to reach your career aspirations.


Last but absolutely not least, fragrance can literally make or break a relationship. Thought it doesn’t only matter what other people smell like, but how we smell, too. To put it simply, the law of attraction is the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on. So, if you’re looking for a new partner, or simply to spice up a relationship with an existing one, scents are an integral way to make the change you desire. Patchouli oil is always a good choice for females, as its sensual smell can help you feel attuned to your senses, attract sexual love and balance the libido. Sandalwood is also suggested to couples who want an oil that promotes sexual intimacy, and its woody scent calms without sedating. So, before you overthink your love life, take a step back and implement some new and exciting scents into your wardrobe. Perhaps it’s not a new partner you need… maybe it’s just a new scent!

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