The scent highlights of 2020

Published December 21, 2020

2020 was a special year. And while most of us are sincerely happy to say goodbye to it and start a new chapter, let’s try to remember only the good moments of the past twelve months. We selected six scents that symbolise the bright sides of 2020: cheerful, comforting, hope-giving and 100% worth wearing on New Year’s Eve. 

Room 1015 – Ten Fifteen EdP

Want to finish 2020 on a powerful note? Pick an amplified scent of juicy mandarin, creamy sandalwood and slightly rough (like a good guitar distortion) oud, dedicated to the most-trashed hotel room in a history of rock-n-roll. Make 2021 your rockstar year. 

Scent of Finland – Kajo EdP

December didn’t indulge us with that many sunny days so far. But you can always get yourself a portion of the Nordic sun with the romantic scent Kajo. Translated as “shimmer”, Kajo will brighten up your winter days with a scent of a wild pink rose, crystal lily of the valley and sparkling grapefruit juice. A gentle beauty of the North.

Berdoues – Somei Yoshino EdP

Is it possible to enjoy the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms in December? Sure it is, just spray very Japanese scent Somei Yoshino in the morning and spend the whole day surrounded by a thousand cherry petals. A little Christmas miracle you can treat yourself to every day. 

Scent of Finland

Peach, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lotus

Genyum – Tattoo Artist EdP

Perfume can be your invisible tattoo, anchoring special memories about places, people, events. We think that artisanal fragrance Tattoo Artist can serve this purpose perfectly, capturing only good moments of this complicated year. Discover this little rebellious and very sensual scent of leather and cedar, inked with the colourful notes of saffron, cardamom and French lavender. Beautiful and memory-evoking. 

Maya Njie – Nordic Cedar EdP

In 2020 we all were craving for the same things: stability and serenity. Scent Nordic Cedar is an epitome of these two beautiful, important words. Enjoy the grounding effect of cedarwood and patchouli blended with a sweet comfort of cardamom. Calm, grounded, yet ethereal.

Une Nuit Nomade – Bohemian Soul EdP

Maybe, we didn’t get to travel this year as much as we would love to. But that’s why we will appreciate all the past, present and future adventures even more. And meanwhile, you can always return to the most beautiful moments of summer vacation with the scent Bohemian Soul inspired by the carefree surfing culture. Bitter-sweet absinth, exotic Guaiac, tropical sandalwood and the never-ending summer. 

More pleasure in 2021

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