The scent of Rock ‘n Roll

Published February 24, 2021

As soon as the guitar moans into the amplifier, the hairs on your arm stand up and you feel at home. If you can’t get no satisfaction, let us start you up with an array of balls-to-the-wall perfumes that will have you rocking out in no time. Intense leather, salty sweat and seductive smoke (on the water). Rock ‘n roll never dies.

The early years

Purple EdP is abrave and reckless youth who with his/her intense woody freshness is ready for a life within the decadent rock ‘n roll scene (and its less glamorous side). Sharp contrasts between naive mimosa, dizzy iris, psicy ginger and salty warmth from ambroxan. Everything you need to start a rock band together with your friends in your parents’ garage.

The first concert

In the dynamic FL/18 you’ll find the exact moment when a playful flirt with the audience turns into a full-blown obsession. An opening of seductively spun sugar jams on the base, followed by an intoxicating layer of leather, musk and night-blooming jasmine which sweeps in and captures the heart with its drum beats. Rock ‘n roll with a twist.

The after party

Ten Fifteen EdP is a wild tribute to the trashed hotel rooms that formed a trail along the different states of USA for decades. A creative smash where soft sandalwood mixes with crispy mandarin, sexy violet and a whole lot of sweat. Close your eyes and imagine a forbidden passion, long guitar solos and wrinkled sheets.

Perfume Sucks

Mimosa, Pinje, Violet leaf


Candy floss, Saffron, Jasmine