This summer’s best perfumes

Published June 8, 2022

The summer is the ultimate time to explore magical moments and create new memories to reminisce over during the darker months. That’s why it’s also the perfect time to treat yourself to a new perfume, to set the tone for the scent memories which will forever come to define the fantastic summer of ‘22. Juicy citrus fruits, fresh sea breezes and fields of florals – we have the scent notes to take your summer to new olfactive heights!

Avant L’Orage ♀

The perfect storm. It’s coming, the air vibrates. Suddenly the sky is filled with light and then, just as quickly, darkness again. Silence, filled with skin-like musk and soft woody notes. Electricity, loaded with jasmine, pink pepper and sweetness.

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Salado ♂

The skin glows in the sunshine, the small salt crystals are like freckles all over your bathed body. A mist of orange blossom and bergamot lies on top of the waves. Your cold drink is waiting for you, topped with fresh cucumber and fresh pink pepper. This is life.

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Hamaca ♀

Breathe in, breathe out and let go. Nothing needs your attention at this moment. Can you feel it? Soft notes of coconut caress your sun kissed skin, somewhere a sweetness like vanilla, the inviting wooden deck beneath you. Pure presence, here and now.

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Haute Provence ⚥

It’s been so long, don’t you just want to get out of here? Get in the car and drive along the aromatic fields of lavender, down towards the Mediterranean coast. We’ll buy watermelon at the market, maybe some flowers too? Come on, let’s go.

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Arsenico ♂

Between branches of patchouli and cedar, the sun’s rays flow down to create patterns on the moss-filled floor. Juicy apples, tarte red currants and sweet pineapple. Does it really grow here? This must be a dream. Don’t wake me just yet.

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