This year’s Nobel prize winners (in scent)

Published December 8, 2021

Since 1901, the Nobel prize nominees have gathered on the 10th of December, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, to receive their prizes in Stockholm. The six prizes – seen as the world’s most prestigious prizes for intellectual progress – are given to individuals who have contributed to significant successes within their respective areas. A beautiful way of celebrating achievements with inspiring individuals and at the same time looking forward to more amazing successes in the new year.

Now that the Nobel dinner is getting closer we can’t help but wonder what the honorable guests will be wearing, both clothing and scentwise. Molecular scents, the scent of literary success and a wise peacemaker. Here are this year’s Nobel prizes – in scent!


This year’s Nobel prize in physics goes to the innovative Wizard for its way of breaking new ground within perfumery. With both fruity notes of wild strawberries, woody notes of sandalwood and a warming suede Wizard is to say the least a complex system. A thorough masterpiece which could easily be mistaken for magic.

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We don’t know what asymmetric organocatalysts are, but if there’s something that has sparked an interest in chemistry this year it's the re-launch of Commodity and their categorization of scents depending on preference of projection. Don’t ask us how it works but we can definitely recommend all of their delicious scents. Choose between Personal, Expressive and Bold - and feel like a true chemist.

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Is there anything more pleasurable than experiencing a scent that completely knocks yourself off your feet and makes you want to get even closer? The scent our customers have been craving like crazy this year is the seductive Cherry Punk from perfume rockstar Room 1015. Heat things up with sweet cherry and worn leather.

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A really good literary experience always has its main character which pushes the story forward and convinces you as the reader to read just. one. more. page. This is how French perfume house Matiere Premiere works, by letting one scent note take centre stage and boosting it with a few curated supporting roles.

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Even if it hasn’t yet been launched, this year’s Nobel peace prize goes to the exquisite Click Song from Une Nuit Nomade, inspired by the incredible singer, actress and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba. This woman dedicated her life to fighting against apartheid in South Africa. Click Song EdP is a tribute to Mama Africa and launches in March 2022.