Travel with scent all summer long

Published April 21, 2021

You put your phone on airplane mode and sink a little further down in your seat. Soon, you will be stepping out into a welcoming embrace of still warmth. The memories of the sea’s saltiness, the sweet sticky sunscreen and the warm breeze of ripe citrus are almost palpable. All that’s left to do is pick your destination.

We already know that we are faced with a summer of changed plans, cancelled trips and loved ones missing from our everyday lives. No matter what your plans for the summer are, you can still explore the freshly sweet notes of Italy, powdery floral Portuguese scents and sunny smoky scents from the back streets of Spain. Follow the scented trail to your dream destination – for only £16 per ticket.

Where are you headed?


So, where should we begin? On the island of Capri you will find the perfect mix of enchanting nature, luxurious shopping and delicious fresh figs, grapes and citrus. Take a morning hike around the island before the sun gets too hot, only to drift away on a boat alla afternoon. Resting, floating, dreaming on the turquoise sea until it’s dinner time.

Wilde EdP – Jardins d’ Ecrivains
Fresh and fruity. This fragrance is for the one who strives to become their truest self. Bergamot, grapes and buttery-smooth figs fit perfectly with a crispy white shirt.

Cologne Rare EdC – La Manufacture
Bergamot on basil excellently evolves with round woody notes. Perfect for cooling off your freckled skin together with a cold lemonade under the parasol in the sweltering sun.

L’Eau de Concombre EdT – Phaedon
A green and aromatic scented spa pumped with cucumber and touches of mint. Cheering you up, calming you down, and inviting you to some selfcare on a wave of cedar.

Verveine d’Eugène EdP – James Heeley
Want to feel like a natural part of the beautiful coast? Then look no further. Refreshing lemon and confident white musk become your signature scent on this dream trip.

Jardins d Ecrivains

Bergamot, Grapes, Fig

On the Mediterranean's largest island you will find enriching culture, wonderfully sunny boat trips and a beautiful backdrop of dreamy nature. Crispy pizzas, melting gelato and freshly caught squid. Bring your most colourful swimwear, sheets of unbleached linen and a laid back mood to fit in perfectly in this Italian summer dream.

Sel Marin EdP – James Heeley
Like a day at sea, or an afternoon at the beach. Salty splashes, green algae and freedom in a bottle gives you a pleasing sunburn that will last long after you’re home again.

Maître Céramiste EdP – Extrait D’Atelier
On a quiet alley you find a ceramicist’s workshop, and as you take a peek inside the powdery scent of dust, metal tools and sensual wrists caress you.

7753 EdP – Histoires de Parfums
Rich tuberose meets its mirror image in masculine vetiver. Sweet citrus against milky sandalwood lounging in a deck chair under the fruit trees. A little nap never hurt anybody.


7753 EdP

Histoires de Parfums

Tuberose, Vetiver, Ivy

Welcome to the Portuguese equivalent of the archipelago, known for its tropical climate and rich wine. Choose between exploring the island's mountains on winding hiking trails, slowly strolling through the botanical gardens filled with rare florals or taking a nap on a sunny cliff by the coast.

Like the juice that runs down your wrists when you peel a fresh fruit, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from licking this addictive scent off your skin.

Palo Santo EdP – Carner Barcelona
Breathe in this magical brew to make your dreams come true. Warm caramelized rum, sweet tonka bean and vetiver gives you a sexy touch to this evening’s romance.

L’Eau Magnetic EdP – Miller Harris
Sunkissed skin and Mediterranean air. Somewhere, a fruit tree blooming creates the perfect background to your picnic blanket and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.


Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Blood orange

A true classic that does just as well in summer as a little later in autumn. Wander through narrow alleyways, explore Gaudí's magical gardens and turn the afternoon into a lazy evening on the beach. You're in the heart of summer, can you feel it? Anything could happen.

Celluloid EdP – Aether
A scent of masculine wood with hints of smoky rum and heavy patchouli strikes you. You turn around and he’s there, just as beautiful as you remember. Want to get out of here?

Sandor 70’s EdP – Carner Barcelona
Darkness has settled over the city but the day isn’t over yet. Quite the opposite. In one of the city’s oldest bars you settle into an armchair, greeting the city’s hot and smoky chaos.

Sang Bleu EdP – Le Galion
A well-groomed, modern version of the 70’s animalic and provocative male perfumes. Behind the freshly showered top notes hides a nocturnal predator with warmth in its eyes.