Which perfume suits me?

Published July 8, 2020

It’s a question most of us have asked ourselves at one point. We’re sorry, but there is no right answer. There are no scents which will fit all redheads, Type 0 negatives, Leos or basketball players. Which perfume is best for you is something you’ll simply have to find out for yourself. But like most things, your fragrance preferences may likely change over the years. One of the best ways to find a perfume that suits you is to take some time to analyse which ingredients you like, how they make you feel. Comforting? Soft spices and sweet smells, like vanilla and honey, make a lot of people feel snug and secure. Looking for something fresh? Citrus is an instant pick me up. Seductive? A combination of spice and voluptuous white flowers flirt outrageously. Want to feel powerful? A straight backed cedar wood blended with smooth moss signals confidence.

You’ve heard of fragrance families, which may be a great help. Technically, fragrance families are simply a classification system the perfume industry has used for years, in order to distinguish one scent from another and place individual perfumes into olfactory groups, based on their main characteristics. It’s part of the language of scent, which by the way, you’re getting better at just by being a Sniph subscriber. The language of scent makes it easier to create and describe a product that’s based on this elusive sense. You’ll learn more about fragrance families and the Frangrace Wheel later on. Here, we’ve briefly described four groups of scents to help you to choose a perfume.

Feel free to experiment – in fact, we highly encourage it! So if you’ve found an olfactory group you love, congratulations! Within this, you’re bound to find several scents to treasure. If not, keep visiting the different fragrance families. And unlike some families, you can leave at any time without any hard feelings…

1. Spice world

This is for the spice lovers. Cardamon, cinnamon and pepper mix with exotic woods like sandalwood. However spices aren’t all heavy. Vanilla, amber, caramel and honey create soft, likeable fragrances.

2. Floral fantasy

Flowers have a surprisingly wide range. From freshly cut freesia and innocent tea roses to seductive tuberose and gardenia. A lot of perfumes include flowers, whether we can smell them or not. Even people who profess to hating all things floral may be enticed by their presence in fragrances.

3. So fresh, so green

Aaaaah, breath in the chlorophyllic bliss. Refreshing citrus ranging from pomelo to sweet orange add spritz. Herbs, like mint, lavender and sage create a green aromatic layer. Freshly cut grass and aromatic leaves from geranium and violet are energetic.

biehl parfumkunstwerke

Cashmere wood, Tropical fruit, white flowers

4. Into the woods

Cedar wood, sandalwood and vetiver – raw and simple. Freshly sanded floors, sawdust, the warmth of a mountain cabin. The great outdoors with the bracing scent of coniferous trees such as fir, pine, spruce and juniper. Do these scents make your heart sing? Welcome into the woods!

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