Who run the world

Published March 12, 2021

Strong, weak, brave, creative, passionate, driven and so incredibly amazing. Sniph was founded by two women and is run by a fantastic team of women, and that’s why our heart beat a little extra for all women, worldwide. Here are the female perfumers who roll up their sleeves and revolutionize the world of scent with astounding noses. Let the scents do the talking in this week’s curated pick of scents from female-led perfume houses.


Born in 2020, Azaleo is a bohemian brand launched by Soraya Bakhtiar as a tribute to her free-spirited and adventurous lifestyle. Modernising the ancient tradition of layering fragrant oils, Azaleo makes perfumes that can be worn both individually or together for a personalized experience.

Ann Ringstrand

With her creations, Ann Ringstrand, Swedish designer and co-founder of the fashion label HOPE, seeks to touch all the senses and unite urban life with native wisdom. Discover mindful perfumes that complete the circle and deepen our connections.

Roos & Roos

Roos & Roos is a Parisian brand brought to life by a visionary mother, a musical daughter, and their shared love of perfume. Together, they create unique and stunning fragrances that never compromise on olfactory form.

Ann Ringstrand

Juniper, Coriander, Oud