Our female perfumers

Let us today be inspired by the women who have chosen to explore their own path through the sense of smell. The women who have started their own extraordinary perfume houses and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with us.


Genyum is a Barcelona based brand born in the hands of Anna Torrents. A passionate sculptor turned perfumer seeks to capture the essence of different artist and their areas of expertise.


Juniper, Black pepper, Seaweed


Pink Berries, Rose, Incense

Maya Njie

Maya Njies perfume creations root in very personal memories of her Swedish upbringing mixed with West African heritage. Sentimental and beautiful.

Roos & Roos

Roos & Roos is a Parisian brand brought to life by a visionary mother, a musical daughter, and their shared love of perfume.

27 87

With the motto “No scent like the present”, Spanish perfume house 27 87 creates vegan, gender-neutral scents with nothing like neutral personality thanks to perfumer Romy Kowalewski.

Maison Matine

Created by Marie Kellou and Arthur Ponroy, the perfume house Maison Matine wants you to use scents to make you try new things and broaden your horizons.

Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona is a luxurious perfume brand full of Spanish passion and Mediterranean spirit together with perfumer Ingrid Carner.

Carner Barcelona

Tonka Bean, Almond, Heliotrope

Carner Barcelona

Orange Blossom, Cucumber, Salt

Carner Barcelona

Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Madagascar Vanilla

Carner Barcelona

Mandarin, Bergamot, Vetiver

Carner Barcelona

Rose, Ginger, Patchouli

Carner Barcelona

Jasmine, Cardamom, Sandalwood

Carner Barcelona

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Rose

Extrait d'Atelier

Chiara Ronzani is a charismatic northern Italian with a sharp pair of spectacles who also happens to be the founder of perfume house Extrait d'Atelier.

To the Fairest

Rebecca Rose is the creative talent who’s worked with everything from vintage, to art and design. Now she steps into the perfume industry with her brand To The Fairest, which draws inspiration from Greek mythology and its unforgettable goddesses.


Together with nose Stéphanie Bakouche, Azaleo was born out of Grasse and has since raised a genuine interest with its cruelty-free vegan perfume line of three spiritual scents.

Voile de Lune