Discovery Set: A Dozen of Love

Discover four gifts in one, in this fully packed scented explosion. Twelve different scents based on four different themes so that you or a lucky recipient kan enjoy a rainbow of perfume. Our scent experts have chosen sweet, lush, mysterious and kickass scents that invite you to a thorough perfume experience. Will they all be yours, or will you share?

Love Sucks
Purple EdP (8 ml) - Perfume Sucks
Red EdP (8 ml) - Perfume Sucks
Black EdP (8 ml) - Perfume Sucks

Une tonne de Roses EdP (8 ml) - Parle Moi de Parfum
Guaria Morada EdP (8 ml) - Parfums Berdoues
Pink Iris EdP (8 ml) - Abel

En Ask Med Praliner EdP (8 ml) - Optico Profumo
Jardins de Misfah EdP (8 ml) - Une Nuit Nomade
Honey Oud EdP (8 ml) - Floris

1740 EdP (8 ml) - Histoires de Parfumes
Padre EdP (8 ml) - MALO
Palo Santo EdP (8 ml) - Carner Barcelona

Limited edition.