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Each month, a new scent.

Each month, a new scent.

Each month, a new scent.

Each month, a new scent.

Each month, a new scent.

Each month, a new scent.

Trending Now

Trending Now is all about the latest and the greatest from our perfume houses, where each month you will receive an update around the scents that are trending at the moment. For this collection, we have previously chosen the much desired "You or Someone Like You EdP" from French Fragrance House Etat Libre d'Orange. Popular notes: citrus, white flowers, and vanilla.

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Etat Libre d'Orange

Apple, Rose, Sandalwood

27 87

Coconut, Saltwater, Vanilla

Work/Play is for the man who prioritizes feeling confident and fresh, no matter where his day takes him. This collection will make sure you feel classy and cool, whilst still setting you apart from others in the best way imaginable. A scent we've previously chosen is the Aqaysos EdP from Pierre Guillaume. Ultimate freshness after a shower, both fruity yet earthy at the same time. Popular notes include citrus, vetiver and cedar wood.

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Orange zest, Ginger, Benzoin

Clean is for the woman who enjoys classic, clean and fresh scents to enhance her natural fragrance. The scents in this collection will never overpower you, but instead keep you feeling beautifully crisp. An example of a scent we have picked previously is best-seller Solaris EdP from Agonist, offering you a range of exquisite citruses. Popular notes: grapefruit, fresh cotton and white flowers.

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Optico Profumo

Citrus, Tonka bean, Red tea


Grapefruit, Gin, Metallic Notes
Female Classics

Female Classics is for the woman who loves being a woman and enjoys the finer things in life. This collection is a sweet indulgence, like wearing a pearl necklace on a Tuesday. A good representation of this collection is Sensual Tuberose by Florentine Bois 1920. A fragrance that defines the feeling of a guilty pleasure that you just can’t resist. Popular notes: vanilla, magnolia and tea.

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Aesthetic is for the man who needs to make a statement in all aspects of life. You want to express yourself through scent, and you’re not afraid to try new things even though some might not understand you. A previous scent that has qualified for this unique collection is the captivating Eau Sacée from Heeley Parfums. Popular notes: patchouli, cardamom and wood.

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Carner Barcelona

Tonka bean, Vetiver, Rum

Histoires de Parfums


Avant-Garde is for anyone who doesn’t want to be defined by specific rules or boundaries. This collection will keep those around you on their toes because of your unique ways of showing your true colors. A previous choice for this collection has been the Gamine EdP from the brand with the same name, which sparks your senses with a mingle of scents. Popular notes include musk, sandalwood and oud.

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Musk, Cashmeran, Freshly cut grass

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