Can't wait until December? Find out the contents of The Scent Journey and dream yourself away to a fragrant December.

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Contents Advent Calendar 2023 – The Scent Journey

The Scent Journey contains 11 selected fragrances in 8 ml format from inspiring and innovative niche perfume houses. In addition, you'll get other gifts to help you build and maintain your fragrance wardrobe, like Sniph cases and Sniph Racks for your scents. And not least, this fragrance experience offers knowledge: for each fragrance you enjoy, you get to learn more about one of its notes.

? EdP
? is a brand new fragrance from Sniph.  Let this wonder of juicy peach, bright Bulgarian rose, and soft musk – do what? What does this scent make you feel? Take the chance to put your own imprint on the fragrance by participating in a competition for its name.
You will also learn more about the note Bulgarian Rose.

Ode to Dullness EdP
Juliette has a gun
Ode To Dullness is a soft, introspective fragrance that celebrates the beauty in the simple. It is velvety smooth and creamy with nostalgic star anise, sunny sandalwood, and a softly whispering musk.
You will also learn more about the note Musk.

Thirsty Extrait
Thirsty is the definition of a green scent. In this scent, crunchy green apple, ripe fig, and green bamboo join galbanum and musk and become a silky cocktail that arouses curiosity both in yourself and in those around you.
You will also learn more about the Bamboo note.

Cypress Shadow EdP
L’Atelier Parfum
The calm of Italy is the inspiration behind Cypress Shadow. The timeless serenity of the scent sweeps you away to where a gentle wind rustles the cypress trees, and soft hills stretch into the horizon. Let soft cedar, aromatic juniper, and vibrant bergamot take you there.
You will also learn more about the Bergamot note.

002 Ada EdP
002 Ada is a warm and courageous fragrance that invites you to unexpected adventures. With rich notes of violet, sandalwood and amber, this scent is a comforting companion on your way to new experiences – no matter where you find them.
You will also learn more about the Amber note.

Safran EdP
Olibanum makes simple, committed, and conscious fragrances made to be combined. This is a perfume house centered around the playful act of layering: to combine scents in different ways to explore and create your own uniquely customized scent experiences.
You will also learn more about layering.

The Opening EdP
NEH is a soon-to-be-launched perfume house by Swedish entrepreneur Tara Derakshan, co-founder of Sniph. The house invites you to remember your wholeness, recall your perfection and connect head to heart, each and every day. The first scent from this house is The Opening: a wonder of soft sandalwood, aromatic lavender and warm, embracing cardamom. The scent is centered around choice and initiation, and invites you to open the door to your inherent courage.
You will also learn more about the Sandalwood note

Tardes EdP
Carner Barcelona
Tardes (“afternoons” or ”early evenings” in Spanish) is a soft tribute to the peace and harmony of a late summer afternoon. Imagine yourself strolling through a garden full of almond trees, wild roses, and powdery heliotropes. The air is warm, and the scents around you are intoxicating. You want to close your eyes and rest in this sweet, noble tranquility.
You will also learn more about the Tonka Bean note.

009 Air EdP
009 Air EdP is our latest – and up until now – unreleased scent. It’s a feather-light, breezy fragrance with crisp pear, delicate Hedione, and grounding musk that lets you close your eyes and envision your favorite places – whether they are real or exist purely in your imagination. Breathe in, breathe out, and let it invoke in you its revitalizing stillness.
You will also learn more about the Hedione note.

Role Play Extrait
Role Play explores how we take on different characters in life: to get intellectual stimulation, solve problems, or in our relationships. Sometimes only to step out of ourselves and be someone else for a while. With warm, uplifting notes of saffron, vetiver, and oud, Role Play invites you to take part in this phenomenon.
You will also learn more about the Oud note.

Noël au Balcon EdP
Etat Libre d’Orange
Noël au Balcon is a scent that radiates warmth: it’s like being outside on a frosty December night, then opening a door and stepping into a room full of welcoming warmth, joyous laughter, and a scent of spices and sweet treats in the air. This warm, honeyed, and slightly floral amber scent invites you to cherish the good times. 
You will also learn more about the Honey note.

Sniph Rack
Our handy storage rack holds nine of your eleven The Scent Journey fragrances – i.e., the ones that don’t come in one of our Sniph-cases. You will also learn more about the scent wardrobe, our fragrance groups, and fragrance concentration.

Sniph Case
Protect your favorite fragrances and take them anywhere you want with our limited edition cases, in the colors platinum and black. 

Let the journey begin!

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