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Aesthetic is for the man who needs to make a statement in all aspects of life. This collection will lead you to places you’ve never been before, making sure you always feel confident in being unapologetically you. You want to express yourself through scent, and you’re not afraid to try new things even though some might not understand you. A previous scent that has qualified for this unique collection is the captivating Eau Sacée from Heeley Parfums. Popular notes: patchouli, cardamom and wood.

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Scents from this collection:

Electric Wood - Room 1015

Downtown LA, 10.48am: Ears ringing. Yesterday’s shirt. You put on some shades and step out for espresso.


No.3 - SG79 Sthlm

Sibyllegatan, Stockholm 5.30pm: Sungazing. Throw yourself back. What happened stays between the two of you.


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