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Work/Play is for the man who prioritizes feeling confident and fresh, no matter where his day takes him. This collection will make sure you feel classy and cool, whilst still setting you apart from others in the best way imaginable. A scent we've previously chosen is the Aqaysos EdP from Pierre Guillaume. Ultimate freshness after a shower, both fruity yet earthy at the same time. Popular notes include citrus, vetiver and cedar wood.

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Scents from this collection:

Aqaysos - Pierre Guillaume

Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 7.33pm: Good hair day. Your Persols reflect familiar facades. Choose the shadow side. Don’t think twice about it.


Yesterday - Room 1015

The Morton Hotel, London 7.30pm: In front of the mirror. All my troubles seemed so far away…


No.1 - SG79 Sthlm

Sibyllegatan, Stockholm 7.55am: Fast bike and expensive sneakers. A bit late, but who fucking cares? It’s Friday.


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