10 reasons why you need Sniph

Published April 2, 2021

Finding the right scent for you can be tricky, and often perfumes are only available in large expensive bottles with less-than-perfect return policies when you notice that you don’t like the scent as much as you thought you would. Sniph makes discovering new perfumes easy, affordable and exciting, with smart bottles at a beter price. Read more about why Sniph is the best way to discover a whole world of scent and perfume.

1. Discover new scents every month

Sniph is a discovery service which helps you find unique and exclusive scents. Every month we introduce you to a new carefully selected scent. Let us surprise you!

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2. Confidence is the best outfit

Perfume is an extension of you, telling your unique story. Our mission is to pick scents you didn’t know existed and help you with an invisible yet powerful statement to fit your style.

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3. Perfumes are expensive, Sniph is not

You no longer need to shop expensive perfumes, only to realise you don’t love it as much as you thought. Instead, try new scent each month to a price of only £14, where you can also choose to purchase the full bottle if you find the one for you. In one year you will receive 12 new perfumes at the price of one!

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4. In a world where time is you rmost valued possession, we save your hours

We know how time-consuming it can be to choose perfumes and we want to make it fun and simple for you. With Sniph, you choose one of six scent collections, which are tailored by our scent experts to suit your scent personality. They can also help you find personal favorites on our shop.

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5. You can truly have it all

We don’t believe in the concept of a signature scent, but instead want to encourage you to create a personal scent wardrobe with scents for all occasions. Do you wear the same clothes every day? Probably not, and you shouldn’t have to wear the same scent every day either. Discover a world of scent.

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6. Sweden's most loved scent service

Sniph has both been chosen as Sweden’s most loved scent service, and also listed as one of Europe’s hottest start-ups by Wired Magazine. Lifestyle editors fram Glamour. InStyle, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar and more, think of Sniph as the new smart way to shop perfume. And we couldn’t agree more.

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7. Bring Sniph wherever you go

With our smart Sniph case you can bring your scent wherever you go, at all occasions. A classic black case is included with your first monthly scent and you can discover many more inspiring colours in our webshop. Not only do our cases look amazing, they also protect your perfumes in your bag.

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8. Build a scent wardrobe

Each month, you get the chance to discover a completely new scent and eventually you will have your own unique scent wardrobe unlike anyone you know. Match your scents with your different moods - or influence those around you with a special scent.

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9. Become a perfume connoisseur

Let us teach you everything we know about perfume and the language of scent. Each scent you receive comes with a unique scent card to teach you about scent notes, perfume complexity and our different scent groups. We promise that the more you learn, the more fun you will have!

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10. Make a difference

Being a part of Sniph is not only smart and luxurious - it’s also sustainable. With our smart 8 ml bottles you will never get more than you need.

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