BDK Parfums: Find your scent “alter ego”

Published December 11, 2020

Right from the shelves of Paris’ most exclusive boutiques comes a new intriguing perfume house that has just been added to the growing Sniph shop. Let us introduce BDK Parfums, an independent Parisian perfume brand with its very own expression and a sharp focus on raw materials.

Every scent by BDK Parfums has gotten its inspiration from a story with a unique main character. Which of these 6 protagonists is the most similar to you? Read the descriptions and find a new scent alter ego.

1. La Coquette

You are confident, drop-dead gorgeous and not shy of attention. Your laughter is the first thing they notice when you enter the room. But things are not that simple, as you are just as likely to slip away while whispering “not tonight”. Sweet, sparkly, elusive.

That's me
2. The sunset chaser

When the sun goes down you crave the beach. What is it that keeps calling you back, time after time? The pastel colours of the horizon, the gentle breeze in your hair, the warmth of the sand... Maybe just the sense of freedom you found there. Fresh, awakened and happy.

That's me
3. La bohème

Sometimes you mysteriously disappear from the radar for weeks, but you are always back with some interesting stories to share. You like a soft écru colour and you always carry a notebook in your vintage leather bag. Who knows when inspiration will strike? Soft, intriguing, bitter-sweet.

That's me
4. The adventurer

The only things you collect are memories, emotions and places. To be stuck in one spot is your personal nightmare. Always moving, leaving footsteps in other people’s lives like a wind caressing the hot sand dunes. Warm, courageous and bold.

That's me
5. The hopeless romantic

Fresh flowers on a table in the morning, romantic movies in the evening and always a sweet dessert after the meal. You love everything beautiful and find happiness in small pretty things. Some say your life is like a French movie and you gracefully take it as a compliment. Gentle, sensual, blushing.

That's me
6. Zen-seeker

To the touristic stress of big cities you will always prefer a getaway to a peaceful riviera; green tea over espresso, a quiet meditation over a loud party full of strangers. You know yourself well and you are searching for the only valuable thing in this world. Fresh, tranquil, optimistic.

That's me
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An independent Parisian perfume brand with its very own expression and a sharp focus on raw materials.

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