How to pick your wedding scent

Published April 7, 2021

Looking for that perfect detail to personalize your special day? Scent your wedding for a whole new level of luxury and romance.

There are countless ways to try to remember your wedding day and the way you felt, like photographs, stories from your loved ones or even your own glistening memories. But memories fade and you don’t always want to hear another person’s version of your experience. Your sense of smell is a direct channel to your dreams, memories and experiences and can bring to life even the tiny forgotten corners of your mind. With a personalized wedding scent (for both you and your partner), you get a foolproof way of bottling every romantic moment of the big day.

Why do I need a special scent for my wedding?

At first, this might seem like a luxury suited only for the most extravagant of weddings. Did you know that Kate Middleton scented her wedding with Jo Malone’s orange blossom candles? We urge you to rethink this presumption as choosing a special scent for your special day is a relatively inexpensive way of adding true uniqueness to the whole experience, for you, your partner and your guests. Whenever you use the perfume in the future, you will get to relive all of the emotions and excitement.

How do I know what suits me?

That’s where Sniph comes in. Our scent expert smells thousands of different perfumes yearly and is always up to date with the latest trends within perfumery. You probably already know a few perfumes or scent notes that you love, which our scent expert can use to introduce your nose to new favourites. Make choosing your scent a fun experience together with your partner, your bridal party or a close family member!

More than just perfume

If you really want to make the pleasures of scent a part of your wedding, try scenting more than just yourself. Use scented candles to add a layer of romantic ambience to the dinner or spray all textiles with room spray that will slowly diffuse its scent into the air. You can even send your friends and family home at the end of the night with a scented gift, such as a smart 8 ml bottle of the perfume you wore during the day. Practical wedding favours like these are always appreciated and your guests will get a pleasant reminder whenever they use it!

Wedding picks for her

Perfume Sucks

Mimosa, Pinje, Violet leaf

Wedding picks for him

Jardins d Ecrivains

Bergamot, Grapes, Fig


Black EdP

Perfume Sucks

Resin, Pink pepper, Patchouli