Une Nuit Nomade – An olfactory journey over the world.

Published June 7, 2024

Une Nuit Nomade is a perfume house that combines French elegance with storytelling and the love of changing landscapes. Alexandra Cubizolles and Philippe Solas, who met when they both worked in the music industry, founded the house. They were both driven to explore new paths and create something independent, and the perfume house Une Nuit Nomade was born between their talks about travel, spirituality, and poetry. A perfume house imbued with nature, ethics, and sincerity.

Une Nuit Nomade's fragrances are undoubtedly favorites of ours. Since we now introduce the creation Love At First Sight at Sniph, we took the opportunity to ask the founder Philippe Solas some questions. We started by asking him to describe himself – if he were a scent: "I think I would go for an amber facet that can be warm, reassuring, and powerful."

Philippe spent his childhood in the south of France, and it is also where some of his favorite scent memories were created. He describes the scent of mimosa, which blooms in summer and autumn. “I loved that sweet, powdery, and subtle smell.”

Mimosa is one of the building blocks of the fragrance Love At First Sight, inspired by spring in Johannesburg, where the yellow-flowering trees are found. In this fragrance, mimosa is mixed with juicy passion fruit, ambroxan, and classic and well-loved lilac.


Regarding fragrance notes, Philippe thinks Vetiver is one of the most underrated ones: “It is actually a wonderful note and also a beautiful foundation for woody accords. It’s a note of rare elegance.”

Explore Une Nuit Nomade’s take on vetiver with the scent Mr. Vetiver EdP.

Traveling is one of the most profound sources of inspiration behind the fragrances of Une Nuit Nomade. It can come from one of their travels, or a story from a destination out in the world – regardless, they always aim to translate these experiences and adventures into scent. “Above all, we are storytellers,” says Philippe.

Sugar Leather EdP – Inspired by Al Khaluf in Oman.

The creative process begins when a destination has captured Philippe and Alexandra’s hearts: “We read a lot, listen intently, and our stories, our ideas gradually take shape. We then take the time to meet with the perfumer who can best convey this olfactory journey.” After that, the fragrance is created: a process both Philippe and Alexandra are equally involved in. “Both of us must approve everything, we both need to be 100% convinced of the note.”

Over the years, Une Nuit Nomade’s fragrances have taken us around the world – from gazing over vast dunes in the desert outside Oman to being invigorated by the sea breeze in Montauk and smelling the scent of flowering mimosa trees in South Africa. This olfactory journey is breathtaking, inspiring, and a spark for the imagination, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us next.

Until then: discover Une Nuit Nomade with these scents: